Online Storyteller Support

Organization Account Limits

Each organization has a limit to the number of clients and helping professional accounts they can add. These limits are displayed on the helping professionals page and when adding a new client.

Client limits are based on the number of invited or active status clients. Archived clients do not count towards the organization limit. If your organization has old clients that are no longer using the system it is recommended that you change them to archived status.

If you are reaching your client or helping professional limit contact us to learn more about increasing the client or helping professional limits for your organization.

Organization Owners

Org Owner Lings
Organization owner pages
Each organization can have multiple helping professional accounts but only one designated organization owner. The organization owner is given access to additional features that allow them to manage the organizations One Life Storyteller account.

Helping professionals who are not organization owners can only login as clients, add clients and edit their helping professional profile. Organization owners can manage:

  • Helping professional accounts
  • Email templates
  • The organization profile
  • Client resources

The organization owner can be changed on the organization profile page.


The client section is the main helping professional page, it allows you (the helping professional) to manage, view and edit the clients within your organization.

When you first come to the client page no clients are displayed (this is to prevent clients you are working with in person from seeing the names of your other clients). You can view your clients in one of two ways:

  • Org Owner Lings
    Client search box
    Search for the clients name or email in the search box. If My Clients is selected in the dropdown menu to the left of the search box only clients specifically assigned to you will be displayed, changing this to All clients will display results from all clients within your organization - even those assigned to other helping professionals.

  • View all client buttons
    Click View My Clients or View All Clients. This will display all clients assigned to you or all clients within the entire organization.

Helping professional client account

As a helping professional you have your own client account so you can add your own stories, create a Career Statement and use the One Life Storyteller to help manage your own career. This is also a great place to get familiar with the system.

To access your client account click either View My Clients or View All Clients in the Clients section, the top account will always be your own client account, click Go to my client account to view your client account.

Your own client account does not count towards your organizations client limit.

Your client account will always display at the top of the list

Client status

All clients will have one of 3 statuses – this is displayed on the search page and when editing the client.

  • Invited

    Invited status client

    Clients in invited status have been added to your organization, but have not yet verified their email, set a password and completed the registration process. You can login as invited clients but the client cannot access the account themselves until they have verified their email through a link in the invitation email. Click the Resend Registration Email link to resend the invitation email.

    If your client didn't receive the invitation email check that the clients email is correct in the edit client page, resend the invitation email and ask the client to check their junk/spam mail folder.

  • Active

    Active clients are clients who are fully registered and have full access to the system. Active clients count towards your organizations client limit.

  • Archived

    Archived clients cannot login to the system and you cannot login as archived clients. Archived clients do not count towards your organizations client limit. Use the archived client status for old clients you are no longer actively working with but you would like to maintain their account and data.

Editing clients

The edit client page has 3 sections: Details, Assign Resources and Transfer Clients

  • Details

    The client details section allows you to edit the client profile, account expiry and client status.

  • Assign Resources

    The assign resources section allows you to assign resources to a client which will show up in the Questions & Notes section of their account. Resources are divided into two sections, organization resources & One Life Tools resources. Organization resources are those resources which were uploaded by the organization owner in the client resources section. To assign a resource to a client simply click on the check box next to the resource name, it will then show up in the Questions & Notes section of the clients account.

  • Transfer Clients

    Use this page to transfer a client to another helping professional within your organization.

  • Client account expiry

    Account Expiry
    Set an expiry date on client accounts to give
    them a limited period of access

    Use the client account expiry if you want clients to have a limited period of access to the system. Some organizations use this if they are billing clients for a set period of access or to ensure old clients don't use up the organizations client account limit.

    Add an expiry date in the client details page. On the date you set the clients account will be changed to archived status. The client account is not deleted, it is just changed to archived status so the client cannot login and does not count towards your organizations client limit.

    Login as a client

    When working with a client you don't need to have the password for their account, you can login to any clients account directly through your helping professional dashboard.

    Account Expiry
    Login as the client
    to view their account

    To login as a client find the client in the clients page, then click Login As for the client account you want to view. This will open the client dashboard for that client (exactly as the client would see it). You can then make any changes to the clients Career Sketch, Career Statement, Exploration Plan, etc…

    Click the green arrow to return to your
    helping professional dashboard

    When logged in as a client the top black bar from the helping professional dashboard is still displayed, to go back to your helping professional dashboard simply click the back arrow.

    Adding a client

    Add a new client button

    To add a new client to your organization click the Add Client button on the client page. Fill in all the client information – the birth year and phone numbers are both optional fields which the client can fill in at a later date.

    You can choose to set an account expiry date when adding a client. If you are adding client accounts for another helping professional within your organization you can change who the client is assigned to using the Helping Professional drop down.

    Once you add a new client they will be in invited status and an invitation email will be sent to the client. You can login as the client immediately but before the client can login themselves they must click on the link in the invitation email to set a password and complete their registration process.

Who You Are Matters! accounts

Who You Are Matters! accounts allow you, the Helping Professional, to give Who You Are Matters! game players access to the Online Storyteller without using up your active client limit.

Find your access code on the back of your Guidebook Each Who You Are Matters! guidebook you purchase has a unique code on the back. Game players can enter this code at to sign up for their Who You Are Matters! account.

Who You Are Matters! accounts are valid for 14 days – if a client wishes to continue as a client, you can make them an active client by going to the Who You Are Matters! section of your helping professional dashboard and clicking Make Client Active for the relevant client.

Who You Are Matters! Account Statistics & Survey

To help you with tracking the success of your Who You Are Matters! events, analytics and a client survey are built in.

The statistics page in the Who You Are Matters! section of your account shows you the following statistics:

  • Guidebook codes purchased – the total number of guidebooks your organization has purchased.
  • Guidebook codes used by clients – the total number of guidebook codes which clients have activated by registering for the Online Storyteller
  • Clients who accessed 1 on 1 help after gameplay – the number of clients which signed up using a guidebook code and were then made active by a helping professional in your organization
  • Helping professional breakdown – displays how many clients each helping professional activated

Each client that signs up with a Who You Are Matters! guidebook code will be taken survey page. The survey can be skipped, so the number of guidebook codes used by clients may not match the number who completed the survey.

Survey results are displayed as a percentage of total responses. Clients also have the option of leaving anonymous comments; these can be viewed by clicking the View Comments link.

Helping Professional Profile

The profile page allows you to change some details of your helping professional account. You can update your email address, name, phone number, password and profile picture.

The show profile on client dashboard check box determines whether the information in your helping professional profile is displayed on the clients dashboard.(Note: This feature is not yet built; you can set the show profile on client dashboard selection, but nothing will be displayed on the clients dashboard until a future update of the One Life Storyteller)

Helping Professionals

This section is only accessible to the organization owner.

The Helping Professionals section allows the organization owner to manage the helping professional accounts within the organization.

The main page of the helping professionals section displays all helping professionals within the organization.

Edit Helping Professional

Edit a helping professional by clicking the Edit button for that row. You can make changes to the helping professional account under the Details tab, or view all clients assigned to that helping professional under the Clients tab.

Add Helping Professional

To add a helping professional click the Add Helping Professional button and fill in the details. If you have reached the helping professional limit for your organization you will not be able to access this page.

Email Templates

This section is only accessible to the organization owner.

Email templates allow you to customize the emails that are sent to clients from the One Life Storyteller on behalf of your organization. There are 2 email templates Invitation email and Welcome email.

  • Invitation email
    Sent when a new client is added to the system, this email contains the registration link which allows the user to set their password and confirm their email.
  • Welcome email
    Sent to the user after they complete the registration process initiated with the Invitation email.

Email templates key legend

Editing email templates

To edit the email templates simply click on the one you wish to edit and edit the text in the Template Content text box. Dynamic values can be placed into the email by using the keys outlined in the key legend. For example: "Hi #ClientName" will show up as "Hi John Smith" if that is the clients name.

IMPORTANT: The registration link necessary for the client to complete their registration process is in the Invitation email, therefore the #RegistrationLink# key must be present or your clients will not be able to complete their registration.

Organization Profile

This section is only accessible to the organization owner.

Information related to your organizations account can be updated here, this information is only used by One Life Tools and is never shared with your clients or any third parties.

On this page you can also update which helping professional is designated as the organization owner.

Client Resources

This section is only accessible to the organization owner.

URL links or downloadable files can be assigned to clients, these will show in the clients Questions & Notes section.

You can either add your own resources or assign the preloaded One Life Tools resources. To add new resources go to the client resources section and click the Add Resource button. Fill in the title of the resource, add a brief description and either upload a file or enter a URL of your resource (it could be a Youtube video, blog post or any other link). The order number determines what position the resource will display in, with 0 displaying at the top and then ordered in chronologically descending order. Especially if you are only adding a few resources you can leave the order number field blank and resources will display in the order added.

To assign a resource go to the clients page, edit the client you want to assign a resource to and click on the Assign Resources tab for that client. The resources are divided into two sections, organization resources and One Life Tools resources. Organization resources are those resources which were added by the organization owner. To assign a resource to a client simply click on the checkbox next to the resource name, it will then show up in the Questions & Notes section of the clients account.