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Demand for effective self-discovery and career management has been increasing while budgets to provide service are often left unchanged. Online Storyteller is a scalable way to meet demand while enshrining the helping professional’s role.

Experience for yourself this story-based assessment (pre-training, 60 minutes) then join and learn how to use Online Storyteller and Conversation Guide for your 1-on-1 and self-directed applications. We cover the what, when, how and why of Online Storyteller for narrative assessment, plus, you learn to lead 4 specific conversations to support clients or students.

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Have you checked out our in-depth blog section on our website? We have lots of helpful and informative blog posts about Online Storyteller, Who You Are Matters! game and about our narrative method of practice.

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We have a Podcast

Career Buzz Live! - Career Buzz is broadcast on CIUT 89.5 FM in the Greater Toronto Area, and worldwide live online at CIUT, Wednesdays 11am-noon Eastern. Subscribe to the podcast.

Career Buzz Hosted by Mark Franklin

Career Buzz empowers lives, enriches careers and energizes organizations

Since 2006, we’ve broadcast unrehearsed conversations featuring extraordinary career stories of ordinary people, and insights from thought leaders including Dragon’s Den star Arlene Dickinson, Canada’s career guru Barbara Moses, and career specialists Norm Amundson, John Krumboltz and many more.

Produced and hosted by Mark Franklin with co-hosts Stephen Armstrong, Nicole Hamilton and Shellie Deloyer.

We have a FREE Webinar

1-hour Free Webinar with Mark Franklin

Mark Franklin gathers people to discuss our Who You Are Matters game and our Online Storyteller web application. He shares the basics of his Narrative Model and how you can use it with your clients, students, teams or employees.

We have a Community of Practice

Members of the OneLifeTools Community of Practice join monthly teleconference meetings where Career Professionals can learn, share stories and connect with others who use the OneLifeTools narrative system or did a CareerCycles training. Every second Tuesday of the month, meetings are facilitated by OneLifeTools co-founder and practice leader of CareerCycles, Mark Franklin.

If you are a past trainee and are not yet a OneLifeTools Community of Practice member please contact us and we’ll register you to receive reminders and login access for upcoming meetings.

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