Introducing the New, Streamlined Who You Are Matters!

Introducing the New, Streamlined Who You Are Matters!

What we changed, why we did it & how to upgrade

We listened to you. We quietly took stock. We paid attention to the devil in the details. And, in summer of 2018, we launched our streamlined, updated version of Who You Are Matters!

After testing with 100’s of participants, gathering facilitator feedback, iterating through a dozen versions of changes and debating every minute detail of the game, we finally got there!  Our new and improved version of Who You Are Matters! was ready to go to print.

We proudly and painstakingly designed it to maintain all the elements of the game which people know and love while simplifying gameplay. It addresses challenges game Facilitators were having, and it’s now easier to learn.

Read on for the specific changes we’ve made.

Quicker Games & Customizable Experiences

People love the conversations that Who You Are Matters! starts. They love the clarification it brings and the possibilities it generates. But many facilitators had trouble fitting a 2+ hour gameplay into a workshop or classroom setting.

To address this issue, the new game can be played in 2 different time-frames. Quick Play, which focuses on 3 of the 6 elements (Desires, Strengths and Personal Assets), can be played in 60 minutes. Extended Play, which takes 90-120 minutes, covers all 6 elements. This allows facilitators to customize the game length based on the time constraints they are working within.


Clear, concise 4-page Guidebook

Though our old 8-page Guidebook was great for facilitated gameplays, many players reported information overload which distracted them from the core game. The new concise 4-page Guidebook focuses only on items relevant to gameplay, which makes the instructions clearer and easier to follow.


Streamlined Star Cards and Inspired Action Cards

We have simplified and streamlined the Star Cards and Part 2 of the game. Some instructions were removed entirely, others were re-worded and broken up to make them easier to follow. For example the following rules were removed or changed:

  • The new game invites players to write a maximum of 3 items that resonate, instead of 4. This allows for less writing and more time spent storytelling and storylistening.
  • Instead of two expanded possibilities, players list 3, but then expand on only 1 in detail.
  • Players no longer read aloud their full Sketch. This speeds up the game which allows more time for the conversational aspects of the game players love. Facilitators wishing to deepen the Who You Are Matters! experience are still encouraged to have players read aloud their Statements post-game.
  • Before, we asked Facilitators to have participants fill in their Inspired Action card after the game ended. The Star Cards now direct players to create an Inspired Action in their guidebook. This makes it easier as the entire process is integrated into the guidebook.


Simplified Game Instructions & Updated Facilitator’s Guide

We wanted to make it easier for those who purchased the game to learn it and start playing right away. The new version includes simple instructions that make playing your first single table game a breeze. Those wishing to facilitate larger multi-table events can use our updated Facilitator's Guide to make the leap from playing Who You Are Matters! at a single table to facilitating multi-table events. We also created a series of video tutorials, which you can access here.


Manufacturing & game contents

Up until now we’ve been producing Who You Are Matters! locally. The new version is now manufactured in bulk featuring a rigid folding board, high quality coated cards and a professional box that keeps all components together.

Facilitator 2-packs are packaged neatly into 1 game box to make transportation easier.


Upgrades from previous versions

Manufacturing in bulk has also allowed us to lower costs and reduce the price of the game so it’s more accessible than ever.

Those who already own Who You Are Matters! can get preferred pricing on the new version so upgrading is very affordable. Contact us for details on upgrading.


We’re very proud of the new Who You Are Matters! and after years of hard work are really excited to be launching it. Thank you for all of your continued support and please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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