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Sharing our latest thinking on narrative assessment, story-based approaches to career counseling, and unique applications of the OneLifeTools system has been a priority for co-founders, Mark Franklin and Rich Feller, supported by members of the OneLifeTools team and valued co-authors, editors and colleagues.

We are especially pleased to be able to share our outcome study results (Franklin, Yanar & Feller, 2015). Individuals who experienced the OneLifeTools program experienced statistically significant increases in six key measures: hope, efficacy, resilience, optimism – collectively, HERO, or ‘psychological capital’ (Luthans et al, 2007) – personal growth initiative (Robischeck, 1998), and curiosity and exploration (Kashdan et al, 2009). Correlations of these findings with clarity, satisfaction, and job-person fit suggest this approach leads to sustainable outcomes and supports a move toward evidence-based practice.

Below are relevant articles, book chapters, resources, for-credit courses using our system, and conference presentations.

Single Session Outcome Study

Franklin,M. & Stebleton,M.J. (2020). Another story to tell: Outcomes of a single session narrative approach, blended with technology. Canadian Journal of Career Development 19(1)

Career development professionals frequently struggle to engage clients in an initial session and may lose opportunities to help clients more by continuing on to further sessions. The purpose of this study is to illustrate the effectiveness of a narrative framework blended with technology, within a single career session with a client. This study found statistically significant increases in all study variables including optimism, clarity, confidence, organized thinking, and internal and external search instrumentality from the beginning to the end of a single session


Original Outcome Study

Franklin, M., Yanar, B., & Feller, R. (2015). Narrative method of practice increases curiosity & exploration, psychological capital, and personal growth leading to career clarity: A retrospective outcome-study. Canadian Journal of Career Development 14(2)

The paradigm in career counselling is shifting from traditional matching assessments to narrative methods. Storytelling approaches, life design principles, and evidence-based methods of practice are integrating theory into practical tools that career professionals want to use and can easily learn.


Curriculum Case Study

Stebleton, M. J., Franklin, M., Lee, C., & Kaler, L. S. (2019). Not Just for Undergraduates: Examining a University Narrative-Based Career Management Course for Engineering Graduate Students. Canadian Journal of Career Development 18(2)

The experiences of graduate engineering students enrolled in a credit-bearing, career management course at a Canadian University were explored from a narrative perspective. Scant literature exists on the outcomes of career planning courses at the graduate level, largely because these classes tend to be aimed at undergraduate students.


More Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

Franklin, M., & Feller, R. (2017). One Life Tools Framework: From Clarification to Intentional Exploration with an East Asian Female. In L.Busacca, M.Rehfuss (Eds.), Postmodern Career Counseling: A Handbook of Culture, Context and Cases. American Counseling 

Feller,R. & Franklin,M. (2020). The HEROIC Narrative Assessment System: Helping Undergrads Navigate Transitions. In P.Gardner, H.N.Maietta (Eds.), Advancing Talent Development: Toward a T-model Infused Undergraduate Education. Business Expert Press  

Franklin,M. (2015). CareerCycles: A Holistic and Narrative Method of Practice. In B.C.Shepard, P.S.Mani (Eds.), Career Development Practice in Canada: Perspectives, Principles, and Professionalism 441-463. Toronto: CERIC.

Zikic,J., Franklin,M. (2010). Enriching careers & lives: Introducing a positive, holistic, and narrative career counselling method that bridges theory and practice. Journal of Employment Counseling, 47, 180-189.

Additional Publications and Book Chapters

Breen, A., Franklin, M. (2019) How a Lightbulb Moment Became a Powerful Narrative Assessment Practice. Careering Magazine, Spring-Summer 2019

Franklin,M., Botelho,T, & Graham,B. (2017). Clarification Through Storytelling and Storylistening using the Onelifetools/Careercycles Narrative Assessment System. Career Development Network Journal 33(4) Winter 2017-2018. 57-70

Franklin, M., Feller, R. (2017). New Narrative Career Clarification System Integrates Digital Tools and Gamification. NCDA Career Developments, Winter 2017. 14-16

Franklin, M., Feller, R. & Yanar, B. (2015). Narrative Assessment Tools for Career and Life Clarification and Intentional Exploration: Lily’s Case Study. Career Planning and Adult Development Journal 30(4).

Bennett, H.E. & Franklin, M. (2015). A Corporate Case Study: Adapting a Narrative Career Management Framework for an Organizational "Leadership Engagement" Program. Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, 31(3), 31-40

Conference Presentations & Keynotes 2021

Feller,R., Franklin,M., Greene-Black, J. (2021, January)
Scaling Virtual Career Development on Three Campuses: Courses, Programming, Co-op. Cannexus21 National Career Conference

Arasteh,S., Franklin,M., Mulholland. S,. (2021, January)
Leading Virtual Team Career Conversations in the Work-from-Home Era.
Cannexus21 National Career Conference


Breen,A., Franklin,M., Isenor,J., Magnusson, K., Stebleton,M., Till,K.(2020, January). PANEL: Narrative Career Management Reflection: Today's On-Campus Tools. Cannexus National Career Conference. Ottawa, ON.

Breen,A., Didiano,T. & Franklin,M.(2020, January).Millennial Leadership: Career Management as the Gateway. Cannexus National Career Conference. Ottawa, ON.


Boutros,L. & Franklin,M. (2019, December). Session: Embedding Narrative Methods: Tools, Games, and Technology. Regional Career Conference for Universities & Employers - Mapping the Future for Workforce Development. Cairo, Egypt.

Breen,A. & Franklin,M.(2019, November). The Missing Piece: How Narrative Reflection Enhances Everything, from Experiential Learning to Career Counselling & Advising. NBCDA Annual Conference. Fredericton, NB.

Breen,A & Freno,P.(2019, June).Narrative Assessment: Practice, Game and Online Storyteller Help Clients Navigate Disruption Everywhere. National Career Development Association (NCDA). Houston, TX.

Feller,R., Franklin,M. & Freno,P.(2019, June). Narrative Interventions and Story-Listening Skills to Empower Lives - from Education to Workplaces. National Career Development Association (NCDA). Houston, TX.

Breen,A. & Franklin,M.(2019, May). Get to the Heart of Narrative Assessment: Learn to use Storylistening, Clarification Sketch and Gamification. Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association Annual Conference. Moncton, NB.

Bauman, L. & Franklin,M. (2019, January). Conestoga Career Course Partnership Embeds Gamification, Experiential Learning. Cannexus National Career Conference. Ottawa, ON.


Feller,R. & Franklin,M.(2018, June). Expanding Career Work to Those Beyond 50. National Career Development Association (NCDA). Phoenix, AZ.

Franklin,M. (2018,May). Evidence-Based Narrative Practice Brings Broaden and Build to Life. Annual Canadian Conference On Positive Psychology. Toronto, ON.

Breen,A. & Franklin,M.(2018, January). Win with Gamification: Engaging Millennials in Career Development. Cannexus National Career Conference. Ottawa, ON.


Franklin,M. & Stebleton, M. (2017, June). Positive Impact of Career Courses: International Case Studies to Empower Your Teaching and Practice. National Career Development Association (NCDA). Orlando, FL

Franklin,M. & Jansen,I. (2017, January). OneLife: Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right: Narrative games and online tools, Cannexus National Career Conference. Ottawa, ON.


Feller,R. (2016, June). Keynote: HEROIC Careers in the Connected Age. National Career Development Association (NCDA), Chicago, IL.

Franklin,M. (2016, March). How to Integrate Online Storytelling Tools and Gamification for Blended Delivery of Life Design Programs. American Counseling Association. Montreal, PQ.

Neault,R., Pickerell,D. & Franklin,M. (2016, January). Stories and Strategies Highlighting Workplace Career Management. Cannexus National Career Conference. Ottawa, ON.

2015 - 2012

Feller,R. & Franklin, M. (2015, June). Experience the Who You Are Matters! Career Clarification Game and Online Storytelling Tools for Life Design. National Career Development Association (NCDA), Denver, CO.

Franklin,M. (2015, June). Keynote: Preparing Students for Career Success with Hope & Confidence: What school counselors can learn from an evidence-based, narrative framework. Kansas School Counselors Association. Manhattan, KS.

Franklin,M. (2015, January). Using Games, Online Tools & Individual Techniques for Life Design. Cannexus National Career Conference. Ottawa, ON.

Franklin,M. (2015). Intentional Exploration: A Holistic Process to Navigate Career Change and Uncertainty. Career Developments Magazine, Summer 2015. National Career Development Association (NCDA).

Feller,R. (2014). College and Career Readiness for Learners of All Ages. Career Developments Magazine, Summer 2014. National Career Development Association (NCDA).

Franklin,M. (2013, June). Narrative method increases hope, optimism, resilience, curiosity & exploration, leading to career clarity: outcome-study. National Career Development Association (NCDA), Boston, MA.

Franklin,M. (2013, November. Keynote: From Insecurity and Doubt to Hope and Confidence – Evidence of Positive Outcomes Using a Holistic, Narrative Method. Dutch Career Conference. The Hague, Netherlands.

Franklin,M. & Freno,P. (2012, May). In Their Own Words: How a Narrative Approach Supports Students’ Career Exploration and One Career Centre’s Experience With It. Canadian Association for Career Educators & Employers (CACEE). Quebec, PQ.

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University of Toronto course developed and taught by Mark Franklin: Engineering Careers: Theories & Strategies to Manage your Career for the Future (APS1030)

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