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Clarification Sketch

This is a Word version of our Clarification Sketch used for narrative reflection. While clients share their story, practitioner can add items to the elements within Sketch. In this way, patterns of strengths, desires, and personal qualities can be noticed leading to context-sensitive future possibilities. Clarification Sketch is a central feature of Online Storyteller from OneLifeTools.


Field Research Guide

Use this guide to talk to people who know about your areas of interest, or who have relevant experience in an organization, work or volunteer area or training opportunity, is an effective way to tell if you’ll like it or not.


Be inspired by hundreds of career stories

Career Buzz is Canada’s unique radio show that empowers lives, enriches careers, and energizes organizations. Radio that explores real career stories with none of the secret twists and turns left out. What do you like about your career? What happened that brought you to this point? Did you plan on this career? Or did it just happen?

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Real Life Sketches

Real life statements below

Clarification Statements emerge from reflecting deeply on work experiences and life stories, and then gathering and organizing what comes from the reflection into 7 elements.

Clarification Statements are valuable because they:

  • Are present- and future-oriented, unlike a resume or LinkedIn profile which look backward
  • Align thoughts and feelings with actions
  • Assert your desires, clarify your skills, and name your personal qualities, interests, influences, assets
  • Strengthen your voice with professional vocabulary
  • Identify 3 future possibilities.

Read Clarification Statements from the CareerCycles team, who use this narrative method of practice. Click on any team member.

View Statements

Here are sample statements from clients of OneLifeTools and CareerCycles.


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