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Field Research Guide

Use this guide to talk to people who know about your areas of interest, or who have relevant experience in an organization, work or volunteer area or training opportunity, is an effective way to tell if you’ll like it or not.


Be inspired by hundreds of career stories

Career Buzz is Canada’s unique radio show that empowers lives, enriches careers, and energizes organizations. Radio that explores real career stories with none of the secret twists and turns left out. What do you like about your career? What happened that brought you to this point? Did you plan on this career? Or did it just happen?

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Basic Career Statement

This black and white Basic Career Statement allows for game plays without the Who You Are Matters! Guidebook

Usage information: This basic Career Statement is only to be used with the Who You Are Matters! game when purchased directly from OneLifeTools. We recommend using our 8-page full color Guidebook which you can purchase here. The basic Career Statement allows for game plays without the Guidebook. The basic Career Statement is protected by Creative Common licenses, ‘Attribution (BY)’ and ‘No Derivative Work (ND).’ This means that you are not allowed to make any changes but you are free to print, copy and use exactly as is, that is, leaving intact the embedded OneLifeTools Copyright notice.

Printing instructions: Print 1 basic Career Statement per participant. Print in black & white, on 8.5 x 14 inch (Legal sized) paper. Double-sided is best to save paper.