Employee Engagement & Team-building Workshops

Employee Engagement & Team-(re)building Workshops

How can you (re)connect your staff or team after all that's happened?

Plan a fun, social yet structured experience - virtual or in-person.

We lead a fun and engaging event for your people, using a highly interactive group discovery experience - Who You Are Matters! Spark meaningful conversation, grow mutual understanding, and practice skills of empathy, collaboration, teamwork, giving feedback, idea generation and giving appreciation.

Supports your Diversity, Inclusion & Equity initiatives. People feel included in Who You Are Matters!


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For Leaders who plan meetings, retreats or conferences strike the right balance between operational objectives for your meeting, and fun & social activities that support team-building, empathy & communication skills, professional development, mutual understanding and trust building. Results in:

  • individual clarification statement, for self-motivation and to support performance reviews
  • team statement to provide group alignment
  • better productivity stemming from increased trust
  • increased use of empathy, communication and feedback-giving skills at work

For HR professionals and managers tasked with onboarding or managing new hires, or interns, get them together, in-person or virtually, for professional and personal development, team building, and effective peer-to-peer learning. Results in:

  • better individual performance stemming from naming and claiming their strengths
  • build job-ready communication, empathy and feedback-giving skills
  • gaining clarity about how to contribute to the organization by integrating strengths and interests with organizational career paths

Who You Are Matters! uses a narrative approach to help leaders and employees get greater clarity about their strengths, preferences, assets, goals and internal career paths. Employees, working together as a team, are empowered to think, feel and say who they are and what’s important to them.

What our attendees say...

With any staff retreat, it’s important to have a space that allows employees to reflect on their professional development goals and areas of desired growth. The Who You Are Matters! game put structure to this process for my team and allowed them to think about the future in a very relational way with feedback and support from trusted colleagues.

– Andrea Karapas, M.Ed., LPC – Manager of Career Counseling, Colorado State University College of Business Career Management Center

I loved the process the game follows, first looking at individual pieces like strengths and desires, then integrating the pieces together into a comprehensive whole career statement. Through the game, I learned that as much as I love the many and varied different types of work I do, I would also love finding new ways to knit my skills and interests together. The game quickly made this clear to me early on, and allowed me to build on and grow my ideas. I really enjoyed the people I met, and learned something new about myself. It doesn’t get any better than that!"

– Rhea Plosker MC, MASc, RSW, RP, Registered Social Worker, Registered Psychotherapist, Career Counsellor

... remarkable content and interactive design. Insights transferred to our collective work, shifting conversations and actions that led to positive results.

– Teresa Roche, PhD, City of Fort Collins, Chief HR Officer

This event includes:

  • Facilitated event by trained Who You Are Matters! expert resulting in each participant’s substantive Clarification Sketch
  • From 3-hour full session to 1-hour lunch & learn, event adapted to your needs for intact or mixed teams
  • Pre-event consultation for alignment and planning
  • Post-event experience to synthesize individual learning for organizational benefit including employee alignment and workforce planning
  • For virtual event, access the Who You Are Matters! Platform and connection guide per participant
  • For in-person event, access all game materials, Workplace cards, and 4-page color Guidebook per participant

We’ve facilitated Who You Are Matters! in organizations of all sizes, from small workshops to all staff events of 300+ participants.

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