Our Team

Rich Feller

Rich Feller Ph.D Co-Founder

Rich Feller is a Professor of Counseling and Career Development at Colorado State University, one of CSU’s twelve University Distinguished Teaching Scholars, and past president of the National Career Development Association. Rich has had a long and successful career in both academics and Career Development, has received numerous awards and accolades for his work and has consulted on 6 continents and within all 50 U.S. states. Consultant to Life Reimagined and Chief Scientist for YouScience, he and Barbara have one son Chris. Rich has a passion for helping others and envisions OneLifeTools as a way to bring greater career wellbeing to a broader audience. Learn more at

Mark Franklin

Mark Franklin M.Ed.,P.Eng.,CMF Co-Founder

Mark is practice leader of CareerCycles, a career management social enterprise, and co-founder of OneLifeTools. At CareerCycles Mark and his team have helped 4000+ clients become empowered in their careers and lives. It is this breadth of experience along with the strong system-thinking Mark utilized in his former engineering career that led to the OneLifeTools narrative framework as well as the suite of products which OneLifeTools is developing today. Recipient of the Stu Conger Leadership Award from the Canadian Career Development Foundation, host of the Career Buzz radio show and sessional lecturer at the University of Toronto, Mark is a leader in the Career Management field and works tirelessly in achieving the OneLifeTools mission of “enriching the career wellbeing of humanity”. Learn more at

Ali Breen

Ali Breen Community Growth Manager

In my role with OneLifeTools, I support my fellow helping professionals to explore & engage with narrative tools that help them help others. With a background in workforce development centres, human resources and corporate recruiting, I bring experience from many sides of the table. I use our evidence-based tools in my own private practice. Lately, I've been obsessed with the intersection of digital marketing and my field of career development.  I'm an educator at heart and I empower those around me to dream, explore and take action.

Kat Klippenstein

Kat Klippenstein Customer Service and Administrative Manager

​I am currently OneLifeTools Customer Service and Administrative Manager. Within this role I have to opportunity to connect with our highly trained Career Professionals on a daily basis, assisting them by providing customer service and technical support. I have been tasked with creating organized systems, prioritizing incoming tasks and projects. Along with my role as a customer service coordinator, I provide a high level of administrative support to the team, which allows us as a team to excel at what we do best.

Rupal Visani

Rupal Visani Senior Net Developer

Drive the design, development and implementation in order to turn client’s requirements into simple and elegant solutions that are loved. Take full ownership of a product or feature from concept to launch. Design, code and debug software. Test the software you write to ensure we deliver highest quality product. Work with product management, technical team leads or architects. Work in Agile methodology. Discuss/lead meetings with other developers, architects, and analysts on technical solutions. Ability to take general direction from lead architects but more importantly, is able to work in an efficient and independent manner. Implement solutions in a timely and effective manner ensuring quality while leveraging various different technologies. Support software release management and deployment processes. Knowledgeable in managing/supporting different branches of code in various environments.


Lola Office Dog

Coming into the office with Mark, Lola loves to greet and meet anyone coming to our Toronto office. She's an expert at asking for love and treats, and has saved us tons of money on shredding, since she loves to eat paper!

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