Who You Are Matters!

Who You Are Matters!

In a highly interactive group discovery experience, Who You Are Matters! sparks meaningful conversations and helps participants connect the dots in their professional and personal lives. Who You Are Matters! is a fun interactive game which introduces players to the One Life Tools narrative framework while providing them with substantive takeaways and insights about themselves and what they want for their future.

The Who You Are Matters! game is perfect for HR professionals, universities and colleges, career and employment centres, business and industry, alumni and professional associations and high schools.

Pre-order the new and improved Who You Are Matters!

Available late August 2018

Introducing the upgraded Who You Are Matters! boardgame. We’ve streamlined and simplified gameplay by focusing on the elements of the game people love the most: sparking engaging conversation, gaining clarity and generating new possibilities.

The new Who You Are Matters! is easier to learn and facilitate and can be played in as little as 60 minutes. This makes it a simple addition to short workshops, events and classroom settings while maintaining the same outcomes our players and professionals love.

A new Who You Are Matters! game set includes a premium quality folding board, more durable game cards, streamlined Guidebooks and simplified instructions that make it easy to play right out of the box.  

New game sets will ship late August to early September - Pre-order today to get discounted pricing.

What our customers say...

With any staff retreat, it’s important to have a space that allows employees to reflect on their professional development goals and areas of desired growth. The Who You Are Matters! game put structure to this process for my team and allowed them to think about the future in a very relational way with feedback and support from trusted colleagues.

– Andrea Karapas, M.Ed., LPC – Manager of Career Counseling, Colorado State University College of Business Career Management Center

The Who You Are Matters! game helps our students and adult volunteers clarify their next steps, make informed choices and enjoy themselves while engaging in important career development conversations with peers.

– Martha Bradshaw, Manager, The University of Texas at Austin- Blanton Museum of Art

I loved the process the game follows, first looking at individual pieces like strengths and desires, then integrating the pieces together into a comprehensive whole career statement. Through the game, I learned that as much as I love the many and varied different types of work I do, I would also love finding new ways to knit my skills and interests together. The game quickly made this clear to me early on, and allowed me to build on and grow my ideas. I really enjoyed the people I met, and learned something new about myself. It doesn’t get any better than that!"

– Rhea Plosker MC, MASc, RSW, RP, Registered Social Worker, Registered Psychotherapist, Career Counsellor