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Education: University of Colorado

CU Boulder Career Services assists undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni, with all aspects of their career development, including career exploration and assisting with achieving meaningful internships and jobs in various industries.

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Organizational: Region of Peel

Situated in the heart of southern Ontario’s major urban centres, Region of Peel is the second largest municipality in Ontario, with a population of more than 1.4 million people and 143,000 businesses. Rapid population growth and commercial development have transformed Peel from what was primarily a rural area of farms and villages into a dynamic blend of urban, industrial and residential areas.

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Private Practice: Brad Graham

In my private practice, Collaborative Careers, I work with individuals in all ages and stages in the midst of career and life transitions. I assist clients in gaining clarity around who they are, aid them in exploring future-potential careers, and support them in going after their newfound possibilities.

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Program Integration: University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a global leader in research and teaching, with 3 campuses and 88,000+ students of which over 17,000 are international students. With over 18,000 graduate students, U of T graduates more PhDs than any other university in Canada, and more and more of these individuals seek non-academic careers.

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Education: Simon Fraser University

Simon Frasers career center staff have been using the OneLifeTools HEROIC Narrative Assessment System since 2012 and are now using Who You Are Matters! and Online Storyteller. This has created a clearer and more consistent method of working with students and simplified the onboarding of new staff by providing tools and a specific framework and to work from.

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Education: Saint Mary's University

Learn how Saint Mary's adopted Online Storyteller and the HEROIC Narrative Assessment System to increase student engagement. “The Online Storyteller revolutionizes how we here at Saint Mary’s Career Services engage clients in exploring and telling their own stories and how they see themselves.”

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Conestoga College

Learn how a Conestoga teacher was tasked with writing the content for 4 new career development courses at Conestoga College. One of the key aspects of the new courses was the selection of a self-assessment tool that would allow students to identify their strengths, assets, interests and values. They shortly embedded Who You Are Matters! and Online Storyteller into their curriculum.

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