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 This is where we post about the questions we hear often. If you have a question, please reach out to us here. In the meantime, as we build this, you can check here for Online Storyterller support for lots of tips & step by step instructions, check out the blog or join us for a free, live webinar to ask us your questions in real time.

Do I have to upgrade to the new version of Who You Are Matters?

Who You Are Matters! Updated game

We'd love for everyone to have the new version of the game. We’ve streamlined and simplified gameplay by focusing on the elements of the game people love the most: sparking engaging conversation, gaining clarity and generating new possibilities.

We have also ensured that upgrading is affordable, and can provide you with detailed pricing for your specific case if you reach out to us here.

What’s more, the cost of upgrading is usually equal to or cheaper than purchasing bundles of the older version of the Guidebooks. A general rule of thumb, when you run out of Guidebooks, consider upgrading.

We will no longer be printing the 8-page Guidebooks, which accompany the older version, as of date December 2019. If you choose not to upgrade, you will continue to have access to the Simplified Career Statement, which is a downloadable black and white PDF that you can print and use with game players. Access it here.

For a list of everything we changed, click here.


How do credits work?

Online Storyteller - Credits

We created software based our narrative method of practice - it’s called the Online Storyteller. It’s a web application, and our Clarification Sketch is at the heart of the tool.

We are career professionals first, and SAAS developers second, so we created a credit model for using the software that’s similar to other tools in our field.

Essentially, 1 credit = 1 client.

The first step in using the Online Storyteller is training. We have two programs that provide a solid foundation for the tool and our framework. Afterwards, there is no annual license to use the software, and no re-certification fees to continue working with the software.

The only recurring cost is credits. You can buy credits in small groups or in bulk, and they range from $18 to $6.

How do I become a OneLifeTools Community of Practice member?

Community of Practice

As a trainee, you are automatically added as a member of the Community of Practice. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month, and we send out reminders to your email. The next meeting dates can be found here. We meet using Zoom, a free web and tele conferecing software, and the reminders will include the login/call in details. You can access more information here on our website, and in the meantime, there are lots of best practices and tips in our blog.

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