Online Storyteller

Online Storyteller featuring the Self-Directed Narrative Assessment

Online Storyteller and the Self-Directed Narrative Assessment are rooted in people's stories & experiences. Clients are guided through a simple and engaging process of self-reflection which results in substantive takeaways and guides next steps.

These tools are scalable! The online web application can be used collaboratively by clients with a helping professional or provided to clients so they can walk through the process on their own.

Stories not Scores

Instead of focusing on scores, like many traditional assessments, the Online Storyteller focuses on stories. This narrative approach positions people as the experts in their own lives, creating a sense of ownership over the career development process. People feel more engaged and are more likely to follow through on next steps.

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Two Ways To Use

Self-Directed Narrative Assessment

The 60 minute Self-Directed Narrative Assessment helps people get ready for a deeper and organized conversation with themselves about making a well-informed work, education or life choice. It can transition into their work with a coach, counselor or adviser, and maximize conversations with co-workers, a boss, friends or family members.

Collaboratively in 1:1 Sessions

Stop taking notes and work more efficiently! Online Storyteller displays all insights from your clients’ stories on one screen - the Career Sketch - and maintains all your notes with clients. Maximize your time by assigning relevant between-session tasks. You can even upload and assign your own resources.

Integrated with your process

Online Storyteller integrates with the work you're already doing with clients. Whether it’s the results from other assessments, vocational guidance work or career education; all these experiences can be integrated into the Online Storyteller's holistic narrative approach.

Supporting a full career management process

Unlike traditional test-and-tell assessments, using the Online Storyteller with our narrative method of practice supports holistic career & life clarification and exploration. These narrative tools teach clients how to continue to manage their careers over a lifetime of transitions.

Flexible tools for diverse applications

Online Storyteller, and the narrative model and method that aligns with it, are flexible and robust for many applications. Online Storyteller has been used to help people make well-informed choices in applications ranging from educational program decisions, career changes, retirement options, and even personal & lifestyle changes.

What our customers say...

The Online Storyteller empowers users to take control and facilitates amazing change quickly. Whirlwind! Users achieve career clarity and see connections, and they quickly develop their Career Statement and Exploration Plan. Information is organized and easy to access so it frees the career professional to provide more of a human touch.

– Jayne Greene-Black, Career Professional

Want to see if the Online Storyteller and Self Directed Narrative Assessment are right for your workplace?

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