Humans are storytellers...

Learn about our virtual variation of Who You Are Matters!: Who You Are Matters!-virtual (aka Conversations Matter)

"Conversations Matter was super!  Our group will do a  Zoom call next Wednesday to check in on each other and how we are progressing in our goals!" ~Donna Spreitzer, Executive Director

We communicate through narratives and learn through reflection. 

OneLifeTools offers tools, games and training that harness the power of storytelling to help people learn more about themselves so they can move forward with a sense of clarity, optimism and motivations and resilience.

For INDIVIDUALS seeking help with their career, visit our sister organization, CareerCycles

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What We Do For You

Gamified Career Development Experience

Facilitated for groups of 3-300 the Who You Are Matters! game sparks meaningful conversations and helps participants connect the dots in their professional and personal lives. Purchase the game for yourself, or have us come in and play the game with you!

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Training & Certification

Want to learn how to use our narrative tools and techniques to lead more engaging 1:1 sessions? We make that happen. We have 3 training programs that will maximize your engagement with your clients, students or team. Training is fun, engaging and is lead by OneLifeTools co-founder.

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Who You Are Matters Platform - Online Storyteller Web Application

See how this engaging & effective online tool focuses on stories not scores. Explore this self-directed, narrative assessment. Stay organized, maximize in-session time and scale up career management.

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