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Embrace a virtual program for educators, non-profits & associations that drives personal and career growth

Engage, inspire and overcome isolation’s mental toll

Creating growth experiences amid uncertain times challenges even the very best of us.

Learners of all ages are unclear about next career steps. Creating community and making connections is not easy. The need for peer conversations and feedback is even greater amidst isolation. New solutions are needed.

Conversations Matter guided group discussions are supported by a proven, evidence-based framework used across the globe.

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The tools to embrace virtual learning

Conversations Matter provides participants with the tools to embrace virtual learning and the confidence to engage with potential employers. Within breakout rooms, participants tell stories, demonstrate empathy and appreciation. They practice cross-cultural communication to build career focus, clarify skills and desires, and spark new possibilities. Used around the world, Conversations Matter is a high-energy experience that helps individuals stay connected, share meaningful conversations, and a sense of optimism.

Conversations Matter can be used with one-to-many, workshops, group coaching sessions, conferences, courses, and more. The platform’s flexibility drives:

  • Training and development, workshops, conferences, and events
  • Profit and non-profit organizational development
  • College, university courses, programs, retreats, and residential programs
  • Grad students, recent grads, alumni, student groups, residence halls, staff teams
  • Education: Career centers, co-op offices, and experiential learning
  • High school guidance and counseling, and personal and career growth
  • Associations, faith communities, conferences, and meetings
  • 50+ and retirement groups considering next adventures
  • Open enrollment events, practice-building, for private practitioners
  • Employment agencies, and mental health services and agencies

What People Are Saying

Great conversation! I got to know my room quickly. I was motivated by what others said. This was an incredible opportunity to connect with people from around the globe. We shared experiences, and I was really inspired to reflect and creatively identify small actions I could take

– Laura Lee, Career Services Provider, DoD, Hawaii

Conversations Matter is relevant for all aspects of your life including career aspiration. It gave me hope, that I can make changes later on.”

– Jamie Luchenski, Queen’s University recent graduate

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