Delivering new virtual tools for facilitators and consultants

Expand your reach, impact, and client base

For people working while home, in-person workshops, meetings, and conferences may be distant memories.

Zoom fatigue is real! Consultants and facilitators need new virtual tools to move past information giving to "making meaning " and deeper connections.

Differentiate your toolbox. Expand your reach, impact, and client base with Conversations Matter.

It’s a virtual program that enables facilitators to drive individual growth and team-wide impact using customized conversations.

From strengths, qualities, and desires, to future possibilities, participants clarify what's next. Peer-to-peer feedback and action commitments maximize your clients' individual and team potential.

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An easy to learn virtual program


Building on our Online Storyteller product, Conversations Matter is simple to implement. It’s a proven, evidence-based framework to power virtual groups’ conversations and individual reflection for personal and professional development or team-wide impact.

Used by organizations and individual consultants globally, Conversations Matter is a fun and efficient way to work with individuals and teams to embrace new ideas or challenges, and foster connections.

Use Conversations Matter with one-to-many, workshops, group coaching sessions, conferences, courses, and more. The platform’s flexibility drives:

  • Teambuilding, onboarding, new team formation, and group coaching.
  • Annual and quarterly meetings - balance business needs with social time
  • Training and development, workshops, conferences, and events
  • Work retreats and company conferences
  • Associations, conferences, and meetings
  • Faith communities, cultural centers, living room conversations
  • College, university courses, programs, retreats, and residential programs
  • Education: Career centers, co-op offices, and experiential learning
  • High school guidance and counseling, and personal and career growth
  • 50+ and retirement groups considering next adventures
  • Employment agencies, mental health services and agencies
  • Open enrollment events, practice-building, for private practitioners


Conversations Matter led to great connecting. It was humanizing.

– Mark Danaher, Careers by Design, past president of National Career Development Association, Connecticut

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