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"In my Conversations Matter online breakout group, I loved getting to the heart of who we are and the essence of what we want so quickly, without having time to overthink it. A really supportive community was built-- which made this experience feel... MAGICAL. "

– Danielle Kershaw, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

"I was able to set valuable goals for each week that were attainable and increased my confidence in maintaining positivity and progress in a challenging time in my life."

– Wendy Rose, Futures Counselor, Compass Community Collaborative School, Colorado

"Conversations Matter is relevant for all aspects of your life including career aspiration. It gave me hope, that I can make changes later on.”

– Jamie Luchenski, Queen’s University recent graduate


"Conversations Matter led to great connecting. It was humanizing."

– Mark Danaher, Careers by Design, past president of National Career Development Association, Connecticut

"Great conversation! I got to know my room quickly. I was motivated by what others said. This was an incredible opportunity to connect with people from around the globe. We shared experiences, and I was really inspired to reflect and creatively identify small actions I could take"

– Laura Lee, Career Services Provider, DoD, Hawaii

"Amazing! I appreciated the sharing. Conversations Matter was encouraging, inspiring, calming. I feel grounded."

– Jayne Greene-Black, career counselor

“As a coach, Conversations Matter and Online Storyteller provide me digital sophistication and innovation that’s still human centered. When a client feels inspired they can capture a thought/idea/story or re-visit a resource at ANY TIME! No need to take notes, find old emails or paper handouts as they’re all stored in one place. Clients want digital access/answers NOW. With Covid, Online Storyteller is the perfect model for coaching. It’s selling point is that it allows clients access to the work and resources 24/7. When potential clients ask “How much do you charge per hour?” I redirect their thinking by explaining that “Working with me allows you access to this online platform to continue your self-work and explore resources I provide while communicating with me on the dashboard, and I with you, at any time.” It’s a guided process for individuals to do a “thought download” and collect and organize their thoughts, possibilities, ideas and desires in a place that stores and organizes them in a meaningful way. The Conversation Guide is where I step in with my deeper expertise to develop their intentional plans for exploration."

– Nikki Stansfield, M.Ed., HNCP, Lead Consultant, Coach & Owner, Next Horizon, Colorado


"I played the Who You Are Matters game two years ago... an enlightening experience. I jumped at Conversations Matter, a great tech virtual translation. Conversations Matter led to deeper conversations and I walked away with a true appreciation of colleagues and deep personal insights. With teleworking and self-isolation, Conversations Matter creates safe, meaningful sharing and feedback. It delivers encouragement and engagement in difficult times. "

– Nancy Fink, Director, Professional Outplacement Assistance Center, Maryland Department of Labor

"Every single group stayed on task and contributed deeply. Trust, respect, I saw them in each group along with appreciation of the process."

– Jo-Anne Nadort Career Educator | Career Peer Supervisor | Career and Volunteer Services Simon Fraser University

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