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"My first Conversations Matter event was terrific, immediately signed up for the facilitator training, two weeks led my first virtual "Conversation" event for my team of 14 and it was fabulous! We’re still talking about how fun it was and how much we learned about each other. We’re now working on plans to expand the program throughout our campus of 27,000 students."

– Marianna Savoca, Stony Brook University, New York

"In my Conversations Matter online breakout group, I loved getting to the heart of who we are and the essence of what we want so quickly, without having time to overthink it. A really supportive community was built-- which made this experience feel... MAGICAL. "

– Danielle Kershaw, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

"I was able to set valuable goals for each week that were attainable and increased my confidence in maintaining positivity and progress in a challenging time in my life."

– Wendy Rose, Futures Counselor, Compass Community Collaborative School, Colorado

"Conversations Matter is relevant for all aspects of your life including career aspiration. It gave me hope, that I can make changes later on.”

– Jamie Luchenski, Queen’s University recent graduate


"Conversations Matter led to great connecting. It was humanizing."

– Mark Danaher, Careers by Design, past president of National Career Development Association, Connecticut

"Great conversation! I got to know my room quickly. I was motivated by what others said. This was an incredible opportunity to connect with people from around the globe. We shared experiences, and I was really inspired to reflect and creatively identify small actions I could take"

– Laura Lee, Career Services Provider, DoD, Hawaii

"Amazing! I appreciated the sharing. Conversations Matter was encouraging, inspiring, calming. I feel grounded."

– Jayne Greene-Black, career counselor

“As a coach, Conversations Matter and Online Storyteller provide me digital sophistication and innovation that’s still human centered. When a client feels inspired they can capture a thought/idea/story or re-visit a resource at ANY TIME! No need to take notes, find old emails or paper handouts as they’re all stored in one place. Clients want digital access/answers NOW. With Covid, Online Storyteller is the perfect model for coaching. It’s selling point is that it allows clients access to the work and resources 24/7. When potential clients ask “How much do you charge per hour?” I redirect their thinking by explaining that “Working with me allows you access to this online platform to continue your self-work and explore resources I provide while communicating with me on the dashboard, and I with you, at any time.” It’s a guided process for individuals to do a “thought download” and collect and organize their thoughts, possibilities, ideas and desires in a place that stores and organizes them in a meaningful way. The Conversation Guide is where I step in with my deeper expertise to develop their intentional plans for exploration."

– Nikki Stansfield, M.Ed., HNCP, Lead Consultant, Coach & Owner, Next Horizon, Colorado


"I played the Who You Are Matters game two years ago... an enlightening experience. I jumped at Conversations Matter, a great tech virtual translation. Conversations Matter led to deeper conversations and I walked away with a true appreciation of colleagues and deep personal insights. With teleworking and self-isolation, Conversations Matter creates safe, meaningful sharing and feedback. It delivers encouragement and engagement in difficult times. "

– Nancy Fink, Director, Professional Outplacement Assistance Center, Maryland Department of Labor

"Every single group stayed on task and contributed deeply. Trust, respect, I saw them in each group along with appreciation of the process."

– Jo-Anne Nadort Career Educator | Career Peer Supervisor | Career and Volunteer Services Simon Fraser University

"…long time educator, known nay-sayer, and "difficult customer" played WYAM for the PD credits. As the game was explained and groups began to share, I witnessed the most amazing transformation. The once "difficult customer" began to open up and glow at the positive comments and appreciation received. With each appreciation stone received, his facial lines softened. Other players, including myself, learned about this colleague and how he had much to share. That event brought lasting change to the educator, he’s no longer the "difficult customer " but actually one of the biggest advocates making exceptional effort to express his gratitude for the PD. He makes positive comments and engages now, not because he must but because he grows and learns because with them."

– Jennifer Nesselhuf

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