Introducing the updated, streamlined Who You Are Matters! In-Person Conversation Experience

What we changed, why we did it & how to upgrade

After hundreds of Who You Are Matters! events that engaged thousands of participants, after gathering facilitator feedback, iterating and debating details, we finally arrived.  Our new and improved version of Who You Are Matters! is ready to go. We’re calling it Who You Are Matters! conversation experience. 

We designed it to maintain everything you know and love,  while streamlining and simplifying the experience for participants and facilitators..

We did not change the Game Board nor the Element Cards. Read on for the specific changes we did make. 

Guide and Star Card

We have simplified and streamlined the 4-page Guide. We’re calling it In-Person Guide version 8.2.  

Rather than relying on instructional Star Cards, directions are now clearly laid out in the Guide. The new concise Guide features 4 Parts:

Part 1: Getting started

Part 2: Complete Clarification Sketch in Quick or Extended play

Part 3: Complete Clarification Statement on your own

Part 4: Read Clarification Statement, Give & Receive Feedback

Time permitting, participants turn over one the single Star Card for bonus questions.

Part 4 of the Guide offers condensed Next Steps. You’ll see we offer participants a way to continue what they began utilizing our evidence-based narrative assessment.

Updated Instructions & Facilitator's Guide

The updated Who You Are Matters! includes simple instructions that make playing your first single table session a breeze. Those wishing to facilitate multi-table events can use our updated Facilitator's Guide to make the leap.   

Upgrade from previous versions

Those who already own Who You Are Matters! can exhaust their existing Guides using existing Star Cards. When ready to replenish Guides, we will also send you the updated Star Card and Instructions for you to upgrade your Who You Are Matters! kit.

New Who You Are Matters! kits

Using the power of storytelling and story listening Who You Are Matters! sparks meaningful and structured conversations that build a deeper understanding among players. Who You Are Matters! is highly flexible for different applications.

Learn more and order here.

Facilitator Training

Learn the new Who You Are Matters! on your own using the Facilitator Guide 8.2. Or, consider investing in an enjoyable and insightful half-day training and learn with us and others. 

Thank you!

Thank you for utilizing Who You Are Matters! in your programs, courses, services and events. Contact us if you have any questions or comments or want to chat about more ways you can use this engaging conversation experience.

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