Innovative On-Campus Gamified Recruiting Tool Saves Time, Improves Hiring

Innovative On-Campus Gamified Recruiting Tool Saves Time, Improves Hiring

Wouldn’t it be great for campus recruiters to get to know candidates in a more meaningful way than a brief interview, while creating a win-win situation for everyone involved? 

Interviewing is an inexact science often resulting in less than optimal hires. Plus, it involves a major investment of time and dollars. Screening candidates and planning on-campus recruiting takes many hours. Add to that travel time. Then factor in your time for holding info sessions and interviews. Next comes post-interview deliberation. After all of that, you still might be questioning who is the strongest match for your organization. 

With the dip in hiring projected by NACE, recruiters will be faced with an increasing number of candidates and a decreasing number of hires. This scenario will exacerbate the existing failure of many recruiting efforts to deliver positive candidate experiences. Research says that 74% of candidates seek opportunities to engage with recruiters, and if these chances are missed, it will create an obstacle during campus hiring. 

A New, Engaging Approach to On-Campus Recruiting

Consider an alternative recruiting experience that delivers a positive candidate experience and makes recruiting time more effective and efficient. Imagine each of a team of three on-campus recruiters guiding a table of four candidates each in a fun, inclusive, welcoming conversation experience. This enables your team to learn about 12 student candidates in 75 minutes. 

Further imagine that the conversation experience gives the candidates a substantive set of takeaways including guided completion of a Clarification Statement full of transferable strengths, desires, personal qualities, future possibilities and professional vocabulary, and confidence-building narratives to support interviews, resumes and LinkedIn profiles. They shift from feeling overwhelmed and confused to feeling clear and confident with valuable and insightful peer feedback and networking. 

Recruiters get to know candidates through this authentic Who You Are Matters! storylistening experience in an efficient and effective 75 minutes. 

Gamifying On-Campus Recruiting

Who You Are Matters! is facilitated professional development that guides candidates in creating a personalized clarification statement through structured and easy-to-lead conversation experiences. 

It’s a career development tool disguised as a game. Thousands of college students have enjoyed this fun, social experience that helps them explore career opportunities, provides targeted feedback, builds emotional intelligence and career management skills, and results in inspired actions to take specific next steps. Candidates and recruiters alike feel included in this unique experience that aligns with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs.

Learn more about this alternative to traditional interviews, Who You Are Matters! and watch a 3-minute video here  Discover how it provides more value to all job candidates, saves recruitment time, and reduces burnout for members of your team.

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