Play it Again Sam: Reflection as a Practice

Play it Again Sam: Reflection as a Practice


It’s all over our social feeds at this time of year. Share your Top 9 on Instagram. Reflect on the summer just spent with friends & family. Get ready think about 2018's wins & losses. 

It’s normal to reflect right now. It’s expected. But then, it stops.

Reflection is also at the core of a #narrative approach to CareerDevelopment.

Clients usually come to us only thinking of what’s next and what they have to do to move forward. We ask them to share a story with us, and through our process, teach them to reflect on it in detail.

These details - why they loved that job, how that bully of a boss changed them, what makes them feel flow - these are vital to making informed and empowered choices. It’s like taking a backswing through their experiences to power up for the drive forward.

Reflection is a learned skill that enables people to navigate a lifetime of change. Like any skill, we need to practice to get good at it.

Why then do we only tend to reflect during transition times like New Year's or job loss? What if we did it often & with purpose?

That’s part of what these weekly micro-blogs are for. A reflection of what we are hearing and learning within our community of helping professionals. How are you going to reflect, often and with purpose?

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