Who left their mark on you?

Who left their mark on you?

At a recent WhoYouAreMatters! game event, a player told the story of how a professor’s deep knowledge and passion for his field influenced them to finally choose a major three years into their undergrad. They had felt undecided and unsure until that prof left that particular mark on their life.

“I was finally so sure it was the right decision, and that certainty helped me excel and focus in my program”

By simply answering the question, “who influenced your past career & life decisions?”, this game player pulled up the memory of that past choice. They remembered and reflected on this micro-narrative, this mini-story, about a major decision.

Then, they shared that they’re now planning to apply for grad school. When we asked if they had that same, familiar feeling of certainty about their current grad school choices, there was a pause.

A long one.

Here, the power of storytelling and storylistening allowed the player to reconsider what they felt was a done deal. They realized they could use some further exploration to gain that certainty and clarity. They also decided to reconnect with that former professor.

A gut check and a reconnect - all from one story.

Reflecting on our past experiences is key to making proactive, empowered choices in the present. Making time and space for our stories - to tell them and to have them heard - is an accessible way to reflect.

Let’s try it.

Who influenced you?

Who left a mark?

Who stood at a crossroads with you, and helped lead the way?

And, how does that influence help you now, with a choice on your horizon?

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