StoryListening. It's a word we use daily here at OneLifeTools

StoryListening. It's a word we use daily here at OneLifeTools
#StoryListening. It's a word we use daily here at OneLifeTools. It's the theme of this microblog. It's a skill we deliver during our #narrative training for helping professionals.

And it's a missing piece in so many clients' #jobsearch strategies.

When you can google anything and get a few answers and examples, what's the point of a person-to-person chat about a field, job, or career path?

When you can watch video, listen to podcasts and access a constant stream of live Facebook & Instagram feeds, why should you bother to have a conversation?

Because #StoryListening is a skill that sets you apart from your peers.

For our clients, it provides personal, regional and targeted context to the "what's this job like?" question. It generates networking opportunities, job leads, mentorship and other diverse possibilities. It can be crucial during an interview. It's a sought-after leadership ability that helps foster healthy workplaces.

For us as career practitioners, empathetic and precise #StoryListening boosts client engagement and leads to increased clarity, hope and resilience for them.

It helps us really hear each other. For us, and for them, it's #StoryListening that helps us connect to one another and check the pulse of the world of work. 

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