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V2.3.0 Changes – Nov 26, 2017

Watch the video below for an overview of the changes.

Newly launched features include:

  • Self-Directed Narrative Assessment; a guided 1-hour Narrative Assessment that walks clients through the process of telling stories, creating a Career Statement and building an Exploration Plan
  • Conversation Guide; a printable guide that brings together all the clients work in the Online Storyteller and provides useful questions and content for further exploration
  • More story types! We’ve gone from 4 story types to 12, allowing us to make questions more relevant and cut down on repetition.
  • Credits billing model. To simplify our pricing we’ve completed the transition to a pay-per-use model. Each of you was given credits to get started with the new system, we’ll send out a second email with details specific to your organization

V2.2.2 Changes – April 13, 2017

Below is a summary of the changes done with the V2.2.2 update to the One Life Storyteller.

  • Added Getting Feedback feature
  • Career Sketch item character limit increased from 100 to 140

V2.2.1 Changes – January 13, 2017

Below is a summary of the changes done with the V2.2.1 update to the One Life Storyteller.

  • Storyline has a brand new, mobile friendly design
  • The Dashboard is now a great place for clients to get an overview of their progress in the Online Storyteller and has been merged with the features which were previously in the Questions & Notes section. Resources, Notes and My Question are now all part of the clients Dashboard
  • The Questions & Notes section has been removed as the features are now present on the Dashboard
  • Resources can now be automatically assigned to new clients. In the Resources section of your Helping Professional dashboard, each resource can be pre-assigned by checking the “Pre-assign” checkbox when you edit the resource.

V2.2 Changes – December 6, 2016

Below is a summary of the changes done with the V2.2 update to the One Life Storyteller.

  • Small bug fixes throughout the application
  • Addition of Who You Are Matters! accounts
    • The back of each Who You Are Matters! guidebook now has a unique code which allows the client to get 14 day access to the Online Storyteller by signing up at
    • Helping professionals will see clients who signed up for a Who You Are Matters! account under the new Who You Are Matters! section of the helping professional dashboard.
    • Helping professionals can make Who You Are Matters! account holders into full account by clicking the Make Client Active button

V2.1 Changes - October 24, 2016

Below is a summary of the changes done with the V2.1 update to the One Life Storyteller.

  • Timeline & Storyteller have been combined into one section - the Storyline. Thus eliminating the need to add a story then go to the Storyteller page to begin telling it.
  • Storyteller has a completely new user interface, more streamlined questions and the ability for clients to select from a list of common answers.
  • In the Career Sketch we’ve removed the 1 to 3 rating system in favour of a simplified Star rating where clients can add a Star to their priority items.
  • Career Statement now ties directly in with the Career Sketch; all Starred items in the Career Sketch automatically go to the Career Statement. Giving clients a simple and seamless way to create a Career Statement. Clients still have the option of writing their own Career Statement as they did in the past.
  • Exploration plan now only displays possibilities which have a Star in the Career Sketch.
  • Exploration plan has a completely redesigned user interface, where clients can more easily zero in on one possibility at a time. Inspired Actions now have a due date instead of showing the date they were added.

V2.0.1 Changes - June 23, 2016

Below is a summary of the changes done with the V2.0.1 update to the One Life Storyteller.

  • Re-branded from CareerCycles Online to One Life Storyteller.
  • New design for the helping professional and client dashboards.
  • Account roles within your organization. There is now one organization owner who has privileges to manage your organization settings - other helping professionals can only work with client accounts.
  • Streamlined client search page and edit client page.
  • Reduced client fields to simplify entry of new clients and remove extraneous fields. Clients address and profile picture are no longer part of the client profile.
  • One login for your helping professional and client accounts. You will no longer be able to login to your own client account directly. Instead you can access your client account through the clients page of your helping professional dashboard. Simply click View All Clients or View My Clients and your client account will be displayed at the top.
  • Improved Login As client feature.
  • Ability to set Account Expiry Dates on client accounts.
  • Client resources specific to your organization. You can now upload your own resources and assign them to clients.
  • Organization account limits – you may notice we have added a limit to the number of clients and helping professionals each organization can add. This is in anticipation of our future billing model. As we are still in beta these limits have been set high for all accounts and should not affect your organization.