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Powerful, Engaging, Virtual
a program to reimagine and build successful teams

Support existing teams, onboard new hires, accelerate collaboration with new projects

Working while at home requires honoring different work styles and needs. It’s not simple! But research shows that doing it right increases productivity and personal growth.

Conversations Matter reduces isolation. Its structure helps teams grow and build on members’ learning to count on each other.

Customized “virtual prompts” within remote teams get the juices flowing to reimagine new possibilities and improve cohesion. Trust and healthy learning of new habits take over.

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Turn peer-to-peer feedback into action

Conversations Matter helps participants connect, reflect, and engage, and peer-to-peer feedback energizes growth. Balancing structure, safety and vulnerability is the key.

It’s costly when team members are distracted, discouraged, and feeling left out.

Conversations Matter features breakout rooms and storytelling to clarify what’s needed and possibilities to support team performance and individual growth goals.

Unlike LinkedIn, Slack and other networking and communication platforms, Conversations Matter features a customized and guided learning journey.

Use Conversations Matter with one-to-many and group coaching sessions:

  • Plug it into workshops, and courses, maximize it within conferences and retreats
  • Teambuilding, onboarding, new team formation, and group coaching
  • Annual and quarterly meetings; balance business needs with social time
  • Training and development, workshops and events
  • Profit and non-profit organizational development

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What People Are Saying

"Every single group stayed on task and contributed deeply. Trust, respect, I saw them in each group along with appreciation of the process."

– Jo-Anne Nadort Career Educator | Career Peer Supervisor | Career and Volunteer Services Simon Fraser University

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