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Rich Feller, Mark Franklin, Ali Breen Who You Are Matters! Game Play


If you are interested in finding out what we are doing, come on by and find us! 

We love to meet new people, to engage with people from our community and to share all about Who You Are Matters! and Online Storyteller and how our tools can take your practice to the next narrative level. 

 Upcoming Events 

December 16th - 1-hour Webinar with Mark Franklin 

Mark Franklin gathers people to discuss our Who You Are Matters game and our Online Storyteller web application. He shares the basics of his Narrative Model and how you can use it with your clients, students, teams or employees.
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January 14th 1-hour Community of Practice with Mark Franklin 

OneLifeTools Community of Practice

Members of the OneLifeTools Community of Practice join monthly teleconference meetings where Career Professionals can learn, share stories and connect with others who use the OneLifeTools narrative system or did a CareerCycles training.
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January 27th - 29th 2020 Cannexus20 - Shaw Centre - Ottawa, Canada

Our Session at Cannexus20: 

Millennial Leadership: Career Management as the Gateway | Le leadership chez les membres de la génération Y : la gestion de carrière comme passerelle - Monday January 27, 2020 15:45 - 17:00 Room | Salle 206

Is leadership only positional? Do we need titles to become leaders? What about intrinsic leadership qualities and roles we embody in work/life? Career development provides gateways for millennials to level up into leadership. Learn how, through managing their own careers and adopting HEROIC mindsets at University of Toronto's Troost ILead and beyond, millennials lead themselves, others, organizations and society. 

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January 2020 - Who You Are Matters! Career Clarification Experience - Toronto Office Game Play

Who You Are Matters! Game Play Toronto Office

Enjoy this fun yet structured, social yet guided experience, disguised as a game, that helps you generate 3 specific possibilities, provides you with targeted feedback, and results in your Clarification Sketch takeaway and inspired actions to reach your goals.
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