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'What's Next for You' Community

This community is for Individuals with Career & Life questions who want to share stories, learn from each other & feel empowered about What's Next. It's a group for people asking “What’s Next?” in their career or life. Get expertise in navigating change as you draw on our experiences, using evidence-based narrative tools from OneLifeTools.

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Field Research Guide

Using this guide to talk to people who know about your areas of interest, or who have relevant experience in an organization, work or volunteer area or training opportunity, is an effective way to tell if you’ll like it or not.


Career Management Practice Program

Reflect. Connect. Act.

Career Management is a skill you can learn. How? Registration for course coming soon...

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Be inspired by hundreds of career stories

Career Buzz is Canada’s unique radio show that empowers lives, enriches careers, and energizes organizations. What do you like about your career? What happened that brought you to this point? Did you plan on this career? Or did it just happen?

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1-on-1 Career Counselling

Navigate transitions and make confident and well-informed choices during periods of change. Consider career coaching with a certified Holistic Narrative Career Professionals (HNCP).

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Are you a Helping Professional?

For coaches, counselors, HR professionals, social workers, consultants and more. Learn about embedding evidence-based tools, games and training into your programs.

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