Connect, reflect and engage with Conversations Matter global launch

Connect, reflect and engage with Conversations Matter global launch

How do you connect with your team while working from home, without incurring even more ‘Zoom fatigue’? 

How has the pandemic affected the way you look at your career? 

How can groups come together in engaging conversations, and overcome isolation’s mental toll?

To answer these questions we at OneLifeTools are launching Conversations Matter, a virtual variation of the Who You Are Matters! Game experience. It’s a virtual toolkit to spark meaningful conversations.  

Conversations Matter is a guided program for connecting, reflecting and engaging.  It helps overcome isolation’s mental toll and promotes meaningful connections among team, students, association members, friends and peers.

The audience for this new program includes facilitators, educational institutions/agencies, and organizational leaders.  It will engage individuals seeking personal and career growth as well as teams starting new projects and onboarding new members.   The virtual and conversational prompts in Conversations Matter encourage and enhance feedback, interaction and conversation.  

We have had some great initial feedback from pilot programs.  We hope you will share in their enthusiasm and participate in our launch. 

Ten launch events are scheduled from December 1 to December 11.  Reserve your spot here …  Each event is limited to 24 registrants so please register early.

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