How people react when introduced to an unexpectedly engaging way to connect and reflect on Zoom

How people react when introduced to an unexpectedly engaging way to connect and reflect on Zoom

The global pandemic has accelerated change for everyone. The life clarification process within Conversations Matter provides a safe and structured process for navigating your “what’s next.” Rooted in sharing stories and a guided exploration of promising possibilities people can overcome isolation, share appreciation and maximize peer-to-peer resources. “The need is undeniable, the market needs this, and we need this,” says Drew McDowell, a Vermont coach at Sounding Line Careers.  

The program’s evidence-based results backed by the latest career thinking is now used with thousands of people in over 13 countries. Its global launch is training a web of facilitators to build better remote work teams and organizations, to increase productivity and personal growth during self-isolating times. 

“Conversations Matter helped us find commonality,” said technology analyst, Jacob Amar from Toronto. “What stood out most was how there was swirling energies of change within all of us. These conversations helped us clarify next steps and we were all encouraging each other to do so.” And Bruce Wahlgreen from Workforce Excellence Group in Colorado says “it extended across international borders which wouldn’t be possible if this were in person.”

Colleges, schools and consultants connect the process to curriculum, workshops and coaching tools to increase career and personal growth. Ben Johnson, a Colorado tech teacher says “this is a great example of what online learning should look like.” Nancy Biderman, a Canadian real estate sales rep says, “it was eye-opening and amazing. Conversation Matter brings back the intimacy of workplace relationships.” 

The virtual life and career clarification program builds on the face-to-face Who You Are Matters game. Possibilities are generated for a new career path, educational opportunity, entrepreneurship project or change in healthy habits. Using a narrative storytelling method to explore possibilities, set simple action helps, and give and gain gratitude drives participants’ hope, confidence, curiosity for deeper exploration and development of social capital critical to personal, career,  and team growth.

Founders Mark Franklin and Rich Feller saw isolation’s mental toll and the need for remote work teams, community groups and learners to counter “zoom fatigue” while building empathy and peer-to-peer support for growth and productivity.

Ron McInnis, a South Carolina community leader and career coach explains “it was amazing, we started with our initial conversation. What we discovered as we went through it was it was like baking a cake --you had your eggs, flour, butter -- not appealing separate, but all together you have a delicious cake…. We have committed to staying in contact.”

After 10 launch events delivered in December, you’re invited to learn more at or explore a facilitated event for your group to experience what New Brunswick’s Abdullah Al Qayyim describes as, “not a webinar, not a panel and not what you expect. It’s unlike any virtual experience you’ve ever encountered.”

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