Permission Slip for Meaningful Work

Permission Slip for Meaningful Work

Do your clients need permission?

They feel stuck in their jobs, burnt out or undervalued by their workplace. They feel like there has to be something better. Something they are meant to do. 

They have done career clarification and self-reflection. They generated possibilities through the profoundly personal lens of narrative practice. They identified their desires and strengths & overcame blocks and limiting beliefs.

They're ready to take inspired action and explore, but they need to pause for permission.

Clients often feel like they should be thankful for what they have - the privilege of a steady job, benefits, a lunch room, a role to play. What they have now should be good enough. Settling for work that is bearable and adequate may be the easiest path to follow.

Maybe it's because of our exposure to tumultuous, never-ending information about climate change, social injustice and world issues that feel closer to us than they ever have before. Clients feel afraid to pursue meaningfulwork because it seems trivial in the face of so much chaos. 

But the state of the world right now is exactly why we need everyone to be working in the best possible role, for them. Think about it: everyone's unique talents in the right context.

There's your permission slip.

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