The Perfect Fit Resume

The Perfect Fit Resume

Why do we keep things that don't fit well?

Minimalism is trendy right now. Think of how many CutTheClutter posts are out there.

The messages: only keep what sparks joy. Make sure everything you own is functional or loved. Less stuff means more space and time for things you actually want.

I was thinking about this JobSearch parallel as a client told me the top 3 things they love & hate about their current resume.

"It's not awful, it just doesn't seem to fit me anymore."

Having career tools that do not reflect who we are and how we want to be in the world is just like having an overstuffed closet.

We go in and take a look. Then, we decide we don't have anything that will work. We have nothing to wear, even with a full wardrobe. What do we do with clothes? Sometimes we make do with what we have. It's ok, it's just a shirt. The stakes are admittedly low. Sometimes we give up and choose to not attend a particular event. Other times, we buy new clothes, but still keep the old ones just in case.

The stakes are much higher if we're searching for meaningful work. Investing in ourselves by working with a CareerPractitioner on our tools can clear out that mental clutter. Your resume should be a perfect fit. Spend the time to get it tailored with a pro.

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