Story as a Job Search Tool

Story as a Job Search Tool

Why aren't we using the right tools for the job when we're JobSearching?

"I always bomb those situational questions in interviews. I get caught up in trying to sound legit and professional, like on my LinkedIn."

We call this resume babble. Phrases like 'strategic managerial experience' or 'proven ability to' or 'good interpersonal skills.

Strong, clear and concise wording on a resume is key, when used in the right context, with proof to back it up.

But in an interview? Story is key.

That's why using a narrative approach to CareerDevelopment is so powerful. We are teaching our clients how to tell rich, detailed stories that they can use in interview and networking settings. 

Stories that showcase their strengths and that highlight what they really want. Stories that link their desires and assets to the possibilities and opportunities within a job posting. Stories that empower them to make proactive choices in their careers and lives. Stories that inspire.

What would recruiters get back if they traded the words "please provide us with a situational example of this skill" with "tell us a great story that showcases your skill"?

How would your clients prepare, react and express themselves if they used storytelling as a tool in their job searching?

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