Hearing back from feedback

Hearing back from feedback
We encourage our clients to ask for feedback from trusted allies as part of our #narrative approach to #CareerDevelopment.

We invite them to reach out to friends, family & colleagues to ask  "what are my strengths?" & "how do you see me?" & "what do I undervalue in myself?". Clients also ask about possibilities their allies may envision for them.

A recent client immediately thought of a former boss they're still in touch with. Their initial reaction: "they'd be the perfect person to ask!".

Then they hesitated. This client has undergone significant life-changing experiences over the last few years. Their values have shifted and their interests are wildly different. They've left that former career behind.

They questioned: what value could feedback from a time-gone-by provide?

As we shift and transition in our careers and lives, reflecting on our lived experience is vital. It helps us see that even back then, when life was completely different, seeds of who we are now were planted. The road not taken doesn't always have to remain the road not taken. We can turn around, even if it's just to get directions from an old friend.

Do you encourage your clients to get feedback? Do you help them choose current & past allies, to get a clearer roadmap?

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