I often jump in heart first without looking

I often jump in heart first without looking
I often jump in heart first without looking. I'm driven by a belief that coaching & #CareerDevelopment can be positive forces of change and good in the world.

It usually pays off - my eagerness to try new things. It's International Coaching Week & I signed up for what I thought was a typical networking event.

To my surprise, it was a live coaching event. Coaches were paired up randomly with people who wanted to #ExperienceCoaching. We were asked to roll up our sleeves & showcase our expertise. One shot to prove the value of coaching to people who had no idea what they were getting into.

The point? Coaching is hard to explain. It's easier to "get it" if you can experience it. One participant shared: "I didn't realize that just having an audience while I reflect on my own headspace outloud has deep impact".

We have pitches, branding, marketing campaigns & clever hashtags. We have events like #ICW and #CanadaCareerMonth. But what made this work for these people wasn't the clever slogan.

It was this: a willingness to jump in, on both sides of the table, to share stories and to #storylisten. To try it. To risk showing up authentically, with a stranger, to have a meaningful conversation.

How can we, as career professionals, encourage that first jump?

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