What do I really want?

What do I really want?
Most of us spend more time researching & customizing our next smart phone purchase than we do planning our careers.  

We read reviews and tech blogs. We factor in features, our lifestyle, battery and extra gadgets. We ask experts and consult our friends & family. You have your phone with you every day - it's a big decision.

Then, you set it up. Add the apps you want. Personalize it, make it functional, make it work for you.

The typical Canadian spends 100,000 hours in their career, and yet spends only about 9 hours in career planning.

But our jobs - our careers - we touch these every day too.

Permission is a big theme in our #narrative work with clients. Permission to explore, ask questions, research and take the time to really think about "what do I want?". Permission to pursue a career path that's a personality & values fit, versus what's popular on the job boards. Permission to pivot, to start again, to dust a dream off and try it. Permission to customize a life and career that's a reflection of who you are, and how you want to show up in the world.

With a big purchase, like a smart phone, it's normal to take time to get it right. How can we encourage this same careful and considerate approach to career and life planning? Hey Siri - any ideas?

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