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Images for social posting, of game play and logos

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 PDF documents

  1. Facilitators Guide
  2. Quick Hints
  3. Slide show for facilitating for larger groups 
  4. Basic Clarification Sketch

    Who You Are Matters! Language and phrasing

    1. Writing out "Who You Are Matters!"
    1. Language used to describe Who You Are Matters!
    • Fun 
    • Social
    • Holistic 
    • Inclusive
    • Self-directed 
    • A narrative tool
    • Storytelling game
    • Guided discovery experience
    • It’s an event, not an appointment
    • Finding definition through reflection
    • A way to start to a career conversations
    • Provides players with a personal road map 
    • Finding meaning, at the intersection of career and life
    • Professional & personal discovery experience
    • Any useful phrase followed by the words 'disguised as a game' 
    • Clarification experience, at the intersection of work and life
    • A 60 minutes (or 2-hour) shortcut to finding meaningful work
    • Facilitated career discovery experience
    • Guided intentional conversations
    • Professional and personal development
    • Employee development and team building
    • Self-discovery and self-awareness tools
    • Career management in the workplace
    • Concentrated dose of career clarity
    • Group career discovery with peer feedback
    • Guided clarification experience leading toward meaningful work


    The Hard sell

    You might encounter some resistance to the word 'game'.

    1. If it’s "just a game", how do you invite people to try Who You Are Matters! and treat it as a beneficial and useful tool? 

      2. There can be resistance to play. Some people have had negative experiences: a very competitive sibling or a fear of reading aloud in front of groups.

        We've got blogs!

        Here is a list of our favourite blogs, which you can share with clients to help them better understand Who You Are Matters! and review for your own use. You can also use the blogs as a great resource if you are looking for any more inspiration or language used to talk about the game. 

        1. What's in a Name? Beyond the Game: Creative Ways to Describe Who You Are Matters!
        2. Who left their mark on you?
        3. Introducing the New, Streamlined Who You Are Matters!
        4. Go Play: Overcoming Resistance to Play at Work & in Client Sessions
        5. How to Use Your Living Room to Change the World: Hosting a Who You Are Matters! Session for Friends & Family
        6. What about us?
        7. Three Simple Superpowers to Boost Career Development


        We have lots a great clips and videos on our YouTube Channel. Here is a link to our YouTube page

        Sharing on Twitter and Social Media

        Our favourite hashtags we like to use when posting about Who You Are Matters!

        Sample Posts and Tweets

        Notes and suggestions for successful social posting: 

        1. Break up the post into easy to read, one liners.
        2. Don't use to many hashtags, max 3/4 per tweet. 
        3. Use of mix of hashtags throughout the tweet, and also at the end of the message.
        4. Try adding hashtags that are associated with the day of the week, if applicable, to help reach a larger audience. 
        5. Have some fun with it, use emoticons and symbols sparingly when posting. Try using a symbol as bullet points, if you're listing anything. 
        6. Make sure to add links to pages as much as possible. 
        7. Do not add link right at the end of post, make sure there is text after a link. 
        8. Use, for free to shorten any links. 

        Tweet 1 Sample 

        Enjoy fun yet structured #narrative experience, disguised as a #game

        Find results to gain life/career clarity, optimism & confidence



        Tweet 2 Sample 

        #CareerDevelopment is a #superpower

        We've got a blog showcasing 3 more superpowers to boost you up: Follow the link to read and find your superpower!


        Tweet 3 Sample

        You matter!

        Take home #WhoYouAreMatters and enjoy having exciting conversations with your family and friends

        Check it out here, and see how you can share your #narrative with those around you

        It's not just a game, it's your #life


        Tweet 4 Sample 

        It's #FunFriday

        Get your staff, your students or your clients together and play             #WhoYouAreMatters

        Gain clarity about your life, what's important to you professionally and personally and find real #possiblities about what's next Find out more here!


        Tweet 5 Sample 

        Hands up, who wants to play #WhoYouAreMatters with your team?

        I think you all want to play!

        Check out how

        We can come to your office to #gamify your staff engagement and scale up internal #CareerDevelopment

        Contact us to book a call