"I didn't know it was a thing."

"I didn't know it was a thing."

A group of PhD students played our careers boardgame last week. This was the answer we got when we asked "who here has had a conversation with a career professional?"

In a recent nationwide survey conducted by CERIC, 50% of Canadians wished they had accessed career services, but they didn’t. One big reason they chose not to is that they are simply unaware of what’s available. From how to assess the quality of services and how much they cost to what’s involved, #CareerManagement remains a mystery to most.

Our mission, through our #narrative framework, is to help clients feel empowered to make proactive choices in their careers & lives.

But how do we help the world if half of it has no idea of the existence and value of our life-changing magic?

I propose that we start with stepping outside of our centres, our offices and our campuses. Let's start having career conversations with our neighbours, hairdressers and friends. Let's ask for stories and spend time #storylistening.

Let's stop waiting for someone to walk in the door and ask for a career chat. Let's create space in our day to day lives to chat now, today, about what really matters and what's next.

Let's take #CareerDevelopment to the streets! Who's with me

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