There's a new baby in my life

There's a new baby in my life
There's a new baby in my life. Her mom is a dear friend. Lately I've been thinking: how will this tiny human figure out what she wants to be when she grows up?

I watch her reaching for a mobile and think of how the world of work is changing so rapidly. She shoots me a curious glance and I consider the popular stat that 65% of children entering primary today will end up in new job types that don't even exist yet. I read her my favourite story and wonder if paper books will become obsolete.

Using #narrative & #gamification frameworks in #CareerDevelopment is relatively new in this field. It's part of a group of post-modern theories about work and life that more and more helping professionals are turning to. As the world changes, the tools and strategies we use to help people navigate that world have to change too.

Here's what remains, regardless of the theory or the intervention: clarity is key. People need to be clear about what they want before they can find meaningful work. It's that simple.

Maybe career services will be delivered via our robot overlords in a few years. Maybe not. Regardless, this baby, if she starts by getting clear about what she wants, will be well on her way to finding her place in the world, even if it's a completely new one. 

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