Who are your unsung heroes?

Who are your unsung heroes?
Who are your unsung heroes? Do they know the pivotal roles they've played in your life?

As #narrative practitioners, we encourage clients to reflect on their lived experience. Reflecting on past choices, big events and roads not taken can light the way for moving forward.

The influence of other people in our lives - their advice, their connections and their ideas - plays a huge part in our career and life choices. It's another light along the path.

Gratitude journals and apps are gaining in popularity. There is so much negativity and chaos in the world. A daily practice of checking in with ourselves and recording what we're grateful for helps boost us up.

Paying it forward - extending kindness - is another #positivepsychology tool we can use for a boost.

Why not tag team it? Let's put these tools together - positive psychology and narrative reflection. Who are you grateful for? Tell them! You can count it as networking & add it as a notch in your #careermanagement
utility belt.

I invite you to tag one person that's been a superhero to you, lighting the way along your career path.

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