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Conversations Matter
connect, reflect, engage

For team building & personal and career growth

Proven, safe and structured interactive virtual program blending group conversations and individual reflection

For remote workers, coaching clients and students, and events you lead

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How It Works

From a standalone Who You Are Matters!-virtual experience, to a flexible, customized, skill-building journey.

1. Who You Are Matters!-virtual

Synchronous virtual event(s) 5-Minute Event Prep
on your own

2. Narrative Assessment

on your own via Who You Are Matters Platform, called Online Storyteller

3. Intentional Exploration

Synchronous virtual event(s)
Facilitator optional offerings

4. Personalization Meetings**

5. Workplace offerings

6. Employment offerings

  1. 1. Who You Are Matters!-virtual.

    75-minutes to 2.5 hours. Synchronous group event via Zoom or other videoconference tool.

    Within breakout rooms, participants tell stories, demonstrate empathy and appreciation, and practice communication skills, clarify skills, desires, and generate future possibilities. Begin with this engaging synchronous group event preceded by a 5-minute individual Event Prep on our digital Who You Are Matters Platform, called Online Storyteller. WYAM!-v event can be standalone, led once or multiple times with different themes and breakout room configurations, or integrated into a flexible, and customizable Who You Are Matters! Program.

  2. 2. Narrative Assessment.

    60-minute individual activity on Who You Are Matters Platform, called Online Storyteller.

    Online Storyteller is a narrative assessment tool used as a self-directed narrative assessment and collaboratively to enhance 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Users are guided through a simple and engaging process of reflection which results in substantive takeaways of Conversation Guide, Clarification Statement, and Exploration Plans to guide next steps.

  3. 3. Intentional Exploration.

    75-minutes to 2.5 hours. Synchronous group event via Zoom or other videoconference tool.

    This session goes beyond traditional workshops by helping participants identify future possibilities in work, education or life. Results in increased confidence and clarity; 1 or more detailed Exploration Plans within Who You Are Matters Platform.

What People Are Saying

"I played the Who You Are Matters game two years ago... an enlightening experience. I jumped at Conversations Matter, a great tech virtual translation. Conversations Matter led to deeper conversations and I walked away with a true appreciation of colleagues and deep personal insights. With teleworking and self-isolation, Conversations Matter creates safe, meaningful sharing and feedback. It delivers encouragement and engagement in difficult times."

Nancy Fink Director,Professional Outplacement Assistance Center Maryland Department of Labor

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What People Are Saying

We had a helpful, open conversation. No one held back!

– Michael Newman, author of Between These Walls

In my Conversations Matter online breakout group, I loved getting to the heart of who we are and the essence of what we want so quickly, without having time to overthink it. A really supportive community was built-- which made this experience feel... magical.

– Danielle Kershaw, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

I was able to set valuable goals for each week that were attainable and increased my confidence in maintaining positivity and progress in a challenging time in my life.

– Wendy Rose

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